with famous artist-teachers

Conditions of application

Age limit: 16 and over
We look forward to applications of highschool students, university and college students and young music teachers. After the rehearsals participants have the opportunity to to visit individual mastercourses with further enrolment. Part of the program contains thematic concerts with the participation of professors and guest artist of the course. The most outstanding participants will have the possibility to perform in concert.

Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra

Besides a number of individual mastercourses the talented young musicians take part in an orchestral mastercourse with the leadership of Vásáry Tamás pianist and conductor, honorary citizen of Debrecen, awarded Kossuth Price and Zoltán Bolyky assistant conductor. Following the rehearsal period the orchestra will go on a tour…

More information about the orchestra tour will be available here on our homesite.

Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra

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